Friday, February 19, 2016

India Eisley Inspiring Thought

I think people, especially in this profession feel a constant pressure that we need to feel everything fully at all times. But I think that as important as it is to feel deeply, it is equally as important and very necessary, to let go for a bit. Unplug and don't feel. Because when you do return from that short spell of letting yourself go, you're able to come back to your feelings with more knowing. Knowing that feelings and all of these emotional shifts and waves you may be experiencing, are just that. Nothing more, nothing less. We are all here with that in common. Whether you are an actor, an astronaut, or an accountant. We are born, we go through web of emotions and a series of our own tailor made changes, we find solace in the fact that others are as well, then we leave. What matters is the lasting effect we can leave the future people that will undoubtedly go through the same silly emotional self made web we are going through now. That's what makes any creative medium unique. We can have a timeless effect, on occasion, that can touch future and has the ability to be a part of some other beings existence.. I think that's a beautiful and rare thing really.. So if ever you get overwhelmed with the day to day, remind yourself to give yourself a break from it all, without guilt. As important as it is to feel, it is important to acknowledge those feelings, take what you will from them, but then allow them to pass, as they undoubtedly will anyway, regardless of how and for however long you feel them. It's ultimately your own choice. Anyway. I'm certainly not trying to sound overly philosophical, but it was just a thought really x

- India Hussey - Eisley

( via India Eisley herself )

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