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I'm Loren Ann Alegroso and I'm the sole administrator of  India Eisley Life. But I usually just go by Loren
I was born and raised in Iloilo,Philippines and on January 4 I turn 15 years old.

I'm using the Language English, Filipino, British English, Spanish and French
I'm also interested in Singing,Dancing and Swimming Sometimes i'll try to go to pool and go swimming and sometimes me, my sister, and my couzin are always singing and dancing at the House but of course i used My talent (Dancing) at the school :)

I started the site India Eisley Life in the beginning This 2013.

Information About Me

Name: Loren Ann Alegroso
Nickname: Ren-Ren
Age: 15 Years Old
Address: San Miguel , Iloilo Philippines
Hobby: Dancing, Singing & Swimming

If you have a lot of Question You can tweet me or else add me on my official account on facebook! LINK Below

Link of My Account

Twitter: Yoooaren
Facebook: Loren Alegroso
YouTube: Lorenannsite


If there is anything else you want to know about me you can always read this interview or you can just ask :)

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