Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Social Suicide ( India'a new film )

 Hopefully we are seeing our perfect India Eisley in a great love story film Social Suicide as (Julia) with her mom Olivia Hussey and Olivia's love team in Romeo&Juliet Leonardo Whiting as ( Julia's Father )
‘Social Suicide’ is a feature length thriller film exploring teenagers’ fascination with exposing intimate details online, the lure of the internet and what it takes to really get noticed.
Loosely based on ‘Romeo and Juliet’, 'Social Suicide' is a modern day police investigation into two teen deaths and one attempted suicide. Their prime suspect, Reese, is on the run so they bring in Balthazar, his best friend and the guy who might have captured it all on film.
As the police interrogate Balthazar while piecing together masses of footage: CCTV, Jackass style stunts, video blogs, happy slaps, snapchats and mobile uploads, Balthazar plots to escape from custody so he can stop his best friend from committing suicide. But Balthazar isn’t always what he seems and his desire for internet notoriety might come at too big of a cost.
‘Social Suicide’ serves up suspense, thrills, drama and romance while the audience is kept guessing until the very end. But more importantly, ‘Social Suicide’ is a film with heart. Stylistically, the film will use found footage (‘Chronicle’, ‘Blair Witch Project’, ‘Vantage Point’) intercut with a police interrogation (similar to ‘The Usual Suspects’).
If Juliet was alive today, her soliloquies would be video blogs, the balcony scene would be snapchatted and Balthazar would have simply called Romeo on his mobile to tell him that Juliet was alive. Or would he?

More Behind the Scene and India's photos will be uploaded in our official fanpage '' India Eisley  Online ''

For more information you can visit Social Suicide website and their facebook fanpage Social Suicide

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